About us

Edora has been manufacturing clothing since 1989. We passionately create clothes from the best materials available, and the quality of production is our utmost priority.
Our offer is designed for doctors, veterinarians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, cosmetologists and other people working in medical field. Clothes produced in our professional sewing are characterized by high quality finishing, interesting colours and affordable price. They contribute to making your company look professional, providing comfort at work.

From love of animals and veterinary practices we created a special line of medical clothes for animals after medical treatment, allowing full protection of wounds, or after dermatological treatments.
In our clothes, your dog or cat is safe 24 hours a day

UL.ŁASKA 46/48

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NIP 731-000-89-85
Regon 470754456

Helpline - customer service :

Monday - Friday 9.00 AM - 4.00PM
tel./fax 42 215-76-47
tel. 42 227-37-14

Monday Saturday 10.00AM - 7.00PM
tel. 601 59 42 42

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